Recently, a woman named Julie Nesbit, an avid runner who lives in England, participated in an Ultramarathon, running 69 miles over 21 hours (I’m exhausted just reading that sentence). Having applied SPF 30 Cream twice during the run, she realized she was getting a sunburn but didn’t think much about it while running.  When she stopped, she noticed not only was her skin very red, she had tiny blisters on her calves.  After resting, she awoke to discover the blisters had become quite large and the pain was agonizing. She wound up in an Emergency Room.

Julie is on the mend now, but a dermatologist commented on the incident saying bad sunburns in long distance runners is common. Sunscreen is applied but is quickly sweated off.  He recommended runners wear sun protective clothing in addition to sunscreen.

Tuga Sunwear

With skin cancer rates on the rise (disturbingly the rise is among people in their 20’s is the largest) Bridgette Raes is determined to provide you with as many options for skin protection as possible.  Tuga Sunwear (website here) provides excellent skin protection that can’t be sweated or washed away.

Tuga was founded in 2001 by the frustrated parents. They wanted an alternative to sunscreen for their kids but UV protective swimwear was largely non-existent in the US at this time. They looked toward Australia, a leader in sun protective clothing, for products but found that the swimwear actually covered too much – wrist to ankle, was not at all stylish, and, most importantly, their kids didn’t want to wear it.  Tuga is made from chemical-free, comfortable, lightweight, and quick-drying fabrics.  Tuga even has UV wear (as well as flotation devices) designed for your dog!

Tuga’s philosophy is that in order to protect your skin from the sun, you don’t have to go to the extreme by wearing clothing that tries to cover every inch of skin. They also don’t think that you have to trade off style and fashion for sun protection. Too many products on the market focus on the utilitarian approach and forget the fact that in order for the products to be effective, they also have to be used.

That doesn’t mean you get to toss your sunscreen! Make sure to apply sunscreen to uncovered faces, (don’t’ forget your ears and the tops of bald heads!) your feet and hands. Always check out reviews of your sunscreen online before buying. In recent years, both Neutrogena and The Honest Company (Founded by actress Jessica Alba) have sold sunscreen rendered ineffective by formulation issues.

Enjoy your fun in the sun this summer in a way that is stylish and safe.