In many ways I know I am very lucky. I won the hair lottery.  I have medium thick hair with natural waves. I’ve been wearing it long every since….well for a very long time. Mostly, I love it. Except when I’m typing on my laptop, eating soup, or trying to wash my face.

I have a million hair ties.  Sadly I also have a cat named Harley who likes to hide them, so I never have one when I need them. And I need them, particularly during the summer months when my hair poofs up to pageant levels. I’m always looking for something that will keep the hair out of my eyes without damaging it.  When washing my face, using clips or headbands may keep my hair out of the way, but these solutions can also ruin the look of a fresh blowout or good hair day.

Tassi Hairwrap

Enter Tassi.  Tassi (website here) is a simple but innovative way to keep your hair under control comfortably.   It’s a patented product that makes it easy for you to keep your hair away from your face. Made of a comfortable stretch terry cloth, the Tassi goes on in three easy steps and gently lifts and holds your hair. Unlike headbands, clips or turbans, the Tassi does not flatten, twist or mess up your “do,” so it’s perfect for protecting second-day blowouts, too. You’ll also love to use your Tassi while you’re washing your face, taking a bath, applying or removing makeup or whenever you want your hair out of the way.  Though it’s not waterproof, you can even try it as a shower cap alternative to avoid squashing your hairstyle.

It’s hard to imagine it working so well without trying it, but, trust me, it’s a true hair saver.  Plus, it’s soft and comfortable, and the elastic doesn’t pinch your head or your hair. Made out of terrycloth, it’s also machine washable.

Want to find out for yourself how awesome a Tassi is?  Leave a comment below saying why you would like to try one and you could win.