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Last year I helped produce a show for NYFW. You can see Malan Breton’s amazing show here. While working in his office, I met another resident of the floor, an amazing hair dresser who offered me a half off hair cut.  Unfortunately, she is so in demand she could barely find time in her schedule. I opted for a simple trim. She did an amazing job, but noted my roots had grown out at least an inch. She asked if I wanted to dye it. I DID want to have a professional dye job but it was so expensive, even at a discount I could not afford it. I explained I did at home with a box.  She flatly told me. “Even if you do it at home, spend money on a good color, NEVER use boxed color from a drug store. I can spot a boxed color job from a block away.”

I should have listened to her.

Madison Reed

I  recently tried Madison Reed hair color (website here)  which cost a little more than drugstore options but not much more. She was so right. The difference was night and day. First, the kit came with two pairs of gloves, a plastic cap, which is necessary, protective crème (which I did not use but more on that later) and cleansing wipes.

Right away I noticed the color is much thicker than other colors I’ve used. I used a regular damp wash cloth to wipe the color off my skin once I applied it. That’s why I learned it was a mistake not to use the protective crème and cleansing wipe. The color stained my skin for days. The kit comes with a small shampoo & conditioner. I was worried I’d wash the color away , but the next day it was vibrant and my greys were completely covered.

And I’m just going to say this, I love the way my hair feels. I swear it feels thicker. And the color is PERFECT. I’m ready to buy four kits to always have them in my closet. Madison Reed has several other products including a coloring powder to cover up your roots between coloring. After only using it for a few weeks I felt naked without it.

You can go online  and take a quiz or chat directly to a color specialist. Seriously this truly is a fab find.