From the moment I hit puberty and starting reading teen magazines, I learned an important lesson; oil is the enemy! Beat the greasies with Agree. Destroy the oil with Clearasil. It’s only been in the past few years the beauty world has awoken to realize oil can be a tool! Many dermatologists swear by certain oils to get RID of acne. Coconut oil has become the biggest trend to avoiding dry skin.

Oil can be great…but it does have its drawbacks.  I can never seem to apply it with a light touch.  I Pour it into my hand and then try to rub it all over but it ends of concentrated in one place and I end up drenched. Not to mention, I never remember to have a paper towel handy.  My hands are covered in oil and I have to figure out how to get out of my bedroom or bathroom to get one. With greasy hands. It’s an Abbott and Costello routine waiting to happen.

Wally’s Organic Body Oil

Wally’s Organic Body Oil roll on (website here)  is making me dread winter slightly less. Made using a blend of Chickweed and Calendula extracts, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, this fast absorbing moisturizer works in a two stage process, first driving oils into the deepest layers of skin, then locking in hydration that lasts. The oil claims to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks but doesn’t cite any studies to confirm this. That being said having dry skin does highlight the appearance of scars.

But online reviews are singing praises about the oil itself saying the roll on applicator makes sure only a small amount is applied. One woman talked about how she’d apply a bit of oil and then cover it with a generous amount of body lotion to keep her skin soft during the drying summer months.  The lavender aroma is a bit strong when first applied but fades quickly.

Win some Wally’s Organic Body Oil

Ready to try it for yourself? The company is giving 5 yes 5! Free bottles! Leave a comment below and say why you can’t wait to try Wally’s Organic Body Oil and you could win!