“I put a curse on him. The Maniacavallo Curse. May your hair never lie flat and may your socks always slip down inside shoes” Sophia Petrillo – Golden Girls

We don’t like to repeat Fab Finds, but we will occasionally if a brand adds something extraordinary to their lineup or improves their product in some great way.We brought you Bombas Socks two years ago and I will admit Bombas have RUINED me. I cannot wear the cheap socks I used to buy at 99 cents stores anymore!

Bombas No Show Socks

Socks I never seem to have enough of are no-show socks. In recent years, the shoe industry has finally wised up to the fact that while women do love a great stiletto, and we DO buy them, the bottom line is they tend to get pushed to the back of our closets because they simply hurt too much to wear on a regular basis.

A couple of years ago, men-style women’s shoes i.e. shoes that were flat, designed for comfort and durability became all the rage. Consumers snapped them up so fast retailers saw a noticeable upswing in sales. Of course, men’s style shoes means you need to wear socks or risk blisters. Most no-show socks aren’t that great. They slip or bunch forcing the wearer to spend half the day adjusting them.

But now we have Bombas No Show Socks (check them out here) that take care of all those problems! Bombas has mastered the no-show sock, adding new features to its honeycomb compression ring over the center of the foot, a Y-stitched heel, and footbed padding, all in Peruvian cotton. The results are spectacular.

Three gel grips on the heel prevent slipping and the ultrafine cotton is thin and breathable. But the best part is the sock is adjustable so they can be worn with any shoe line.  We give them a two thumbs (or should we say big toes) up!