It’s a balmy 85 degrees here today in New York.  Not exactly autumnal.  This happens just about every year.  We get a taste of the cool weather to come and then, bam, a heatwave strikes.  We’re all wearing our summer clothes.  Yet despite this, fall can come on rather quickly so it is important to be prepared no matter how hot it is.

As you may know, I have become knitting obsessed this year.  I have already graduated to knitting sweaters and have a few styles on deck that I plan on knitting for myself as soon as I finish all the holiday gifts I have been working on.  I may be a fast and relatively adept knitter, but I do only have two hands and not a lot of time before sweater weather is here.  Sweater Weather.  Do you love that SNL skit as much as I do?   I will be doing some sweater shopping.  I am sure you will be too.

Sweater Weather: Styles You’ll Want to Cozy Up in This Fall

I decided to curate some top styles from all over and categorize them below so you can make shopping a breeze.  If you are getting ready for sweater weather, take a look at these styles.


Basic sweaters are like the backbone of any good fall wardrobe.  As you break out your fall and winter clothes, give you basic sweaters a once over and see what styles need to be replaced to ensure you are ready to go.


It’s hard to imagine a wardrobe without a few cardigans.  From sleek and modern to relaxed and comfy, there are plenty to choose from.  Lengths seem to be getting longer, which can be tough if you are petite.  Thankfully, I was able to scrounge up some variety.


One of the biggest trends in sweaters this fall will be super relaxed, oversized sweaters that almost look like you threw your husband’s or boyfriend’s on.  In theory, this trend can look really easy and comfortable, but in reality you have to watch not to go too oversized and shapeless.  Yet on the coldest of days, you’ll be happy to have at least one oversized and cozy sweater in your closet.  Just be sure to accessorize with a nice cup of hot cocoa.


Similar to all the novetly top trends from summer, like bell sleeves, lacing, cold shoulders, straps and ties, you’ll see these trends in sweaters.  As far as whether or not this trend is for you, it’s really quite subjective.  Just watch those bell sleeves when eating a steamy bowl of soup.

Wraps, Ponchos and Jackets

The last category consists of wraps, ponchos and jackets.  Depending on where you live, these pieces can get a little or a lot of wear.  Sweater weather varies by geography.  For some a sweater jacket, poncho or wrap is all you’ll need this season.  For others, this window of wearing opportunity can be quite slim.  Plan your purchases accordingly.

I hope you enjoy sweater weather!  As I finish up the styles I plan on knitting for myself I will be sure to share!