Well, New York Fashion Week is FINALLY over. Along with some fun trends (yellow, polka dots), there were a few trends that are just awful. Namely the transparent fabric trend spotted on so many runways. Frequently, the designers sent the models down the runway without bras so to quote Rupaul they were “letting it ALL hang out.”

I wanted to grab those designers and say “Stop listening to Anna Wintour! Women do not want to display themselves like that!”

I know I don’t.


Whether it’s super short skirts or wearing your bra as a top (yes another trend from NYFW), many woman are looking for ways to dress that keeps them fully covered either for religious reasons or simply because they don’t feel comfortable showing a lot of skin.  Dressing modestly used to mean looking like a schoolmarm. Fortunately for us, Nava Breif-Fried was determined to avoid this pitfall while still providing woman with chic and comfortable clothing. She found ModLi (website here) a place for women to shop that featured stylish high quality clothes that will let you cover or reveal as much as you like.  They even sell headcoverings for all need.  ModLi promotes the nuanced ideal that modesty doesn’t mean hiding, but rather showcasing natural beauty in a classy way.

In an effort to feature original and unique pieces, Modli partners with small independent boutiques to find their unique looks.  Modli isn’t just women who want to dress discreetly but a marketplace for anyone who wants elegant pieces to expand their wardrobe that doesn’t assume only woman who are size 4 are the only people who deserve great outfits. They feature a whole array of easy wearing flattering plus size clothing.

Whether you prefer to dress modestly or just want a little coverage, check out the selection at Modli. You’ll be glad you did.  Use the code “FabFind” for 10% off at checkout!  Get shopping!