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Okay, moving on to our second prize.

Hair Thing Messy Bun Maker

I am incredibly lucky. I have thick hair.  My Grandmother OC had only a few options for immediately fuller looking: Rat your hair, which gives you lots of body by literally tangling and damaging it.  You could use a wig or hair pieces. Aside from the fact that they are uncomfortably hot, fake hair looks…well fake.

Boosting shampoos, like the one featured last week are a good long-term solution, but what if you want more volume say in the next five minutes?  There was the Bumpit. It had the right idea and gave you great volume. It also gave you a beehive.

Thank goodness now there is The Hair Thing Messy Bun Maker (website here). They have Hair created a line of hair accessories that add instant volume and length.

You can use The Hair Thing Messy Bun Maker to create sexy, loose, and messy buns. Or twist your hair a bit tighter and secure with an elastic to create a more professional looking bun.  Using The Hair Thing Messy Bun Maker and your own hair your ponytail will be 2 inches longer instantly!

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