What we wear can change how we feel about ourselves, interact with the world and put ourselves out there.  Our personal style can empower us.

When people look down at an interest in fashion and style as a trivial thing I realize that these people are missing the point.  Sure, we can all agree that a person who is too involved with outer appearance, who gets caught up with labels or has an unhealthy obsession with clothing has their priorities out of whack.  Certainly, there are more important things going on in the world than if you are wearing the “it” shoe.   When I speak about an interest in fashion and style I’m not referring to this type of an interest.  What I am referring to is an interest in fashion and style as a means of empowerment.  The power of clothing is real.

How to Empower Yourself Through Your Own Personal Style

Here are five ways to empower yourself through your own personal style

If you feel it the world will get it

People get obsessive about wearing the “right” thing.  They worry about judgment, getting their outfit correct, dressing appropriately, etc., all without wondering how they feel in what they choose to wear.  Dressing appropriately is obviously important, particularly in the workplace, but seeking external validation without giving thought to how you feel in what you choose to wear can be a tremendous oversight.

If you don’t feel empowered in what you wear you will waste a lot of energy overcompensating for it.  As a result you may feel the urge to over-explain yourself,  prove your worth in doing more, justifying yourself or just feeling misunderstood.  However, if you walk through the world feeling an alignment between what you want people to get about you and what you are wearing your energy shifts and you will naturally give off the message you want others to see.

Think about how many times you got dressed and didn’t feel good about it. Reflect on how differently you interacted with the world versus times you felt great and empowered in what you were wearing.  The best way to know that you feel empowered in what you are wearing is how you engage and carry yourself.  Here are some more tips on how to tell your own style story.

Work with your body, not against it

Nobody is immune to having parts of their body they don’t care for.  It has nothing to do with being thin or overweight.  I have met plus size women who have much slimmer and prettier ankles than I do.  Therefore, before you get down on yourself for having whatever body issues you are struggling with, stop and get some perspective.  You also have parts of your body that are quite lovely, I can guarantee it.

You have two choices, you can sulk about not getting <blank> or decide to play up what you like.  And keep in mind, what one person likes about their body might be the thing that another person dislikes.  It’s very personal.   The goal is to feel good about yourself and the image you choose to put out in the world.  There is no point fighting against the grain.

Find your muses and understand why you are inspired by them

I have always said that Helena Bonham Carter is my spirit animal.  However, if you have ever seen me, you would know that nothing about my style is as crazy as hers is.  I have learned that why I am so drawn to her style is how free and comfortable she is with who she is.  My goal in life is to be that uninhibited and in touch with myself through my clothing like she has been able to do.

Your style muses may be giving you style direction but it might not be as literal as you think it is.  What I read a new client’s style I look for the energy they are giving off and show them what clothing will be right to express it.  This is the goal and another way to empower yourself through your clothing.

Embrace your uniform

I wrote a blog about creating a ‘you’niform versus a uniform in your wardrobe.  Uniform has a negative connotation as an uninspired look whereas a ‘you’niform is more of a signature style. I say lean into it, embrace your ‘you’niform.

A ‘you’niform is not only something that feels comfortable and right for you, it also informs you about your style in general, what’s important in the styles you choose and tells you what types of looks you feel best and most like yourself wearing.

Trust yourself

One of the biggest downfalls women experience with clothing is a lack of confidence to know they are making the right choices for themselves.  Often, I just come in and validate what they have been feeling.  My clients can’t be the only ones who are making good choices while lacking the confidence to see them.  You probably are too.  This is why learning to trust yourself and allowing yourself to check in on how you feel is so crucial.  If something feels off it probably is and vice versa.

The best way to feel empowered with your clothing is to choose things that make you feel that way.  With these tips you’ll be well on your way to not only looking good but feeling good too.