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Red Carpet Manicure

When I first came to New York, there were many sites I was determined to see. Among them, I wanted to visit Beauty Bar, a cool nightclub in the east village. They offer a manicure for $10 and you get a free drink.  There’s something about manicures that’s so relaxing. I had a friend who would repaint her fingernails each night to match her next day’s outfit. I thought it seemed self-indulgent but she explained having to children under age 5 this was HER time.  She’d paint her nails and she’d just have to sit there doing absolutely nothing during the 45 minutes it took for the polish to dry.

Now I’ve found a great new source not just for great nails colors but for fantastic nail care!

Red Carpet Manicure (website here) provides you with everything you need to have a fantastic looking manicure that lasts for weeks!  It provides a one-step polish that lasts for such a long time without chipping.

They also have a series of nail treatments that you will die if you don’t have (okay I’m exaggerating but NOT by much!).  Get ready to have the best nails of your life when you win the TREAT YOURSELF Swag bag.!

You will receive:

The Cute-icle’s Friend: Cuticle Softener.  Create the perfect manicure by enhancing the look of the cuticle. The Cute-Icles’s Friend is a maximum strength cuticle softener for superior effectiveness and results.

Hyper Hydrator : Cuticle Moisturizer.  Red Carpet ready nails depend upon camera ready cuticles. The exclusive blend of oils and natural ingredients create an antioxidant cocktail that super hydrates and cares for damaged cuticles.

Over Polish Guard : Cuticle Barrier. Now you can have perfect professional polish application without years of practice.  Over Polish Guard is a flexible film that protects the surrounding skin from sloppy nail polish application.

8-IN-1 Base Coat : Lacquer Base Coat.  Ordinary base coats can stress the nails. RCM’s 8-IN-1 Base coat, instantly adheres to the natural nail giving any polish the proper base. Argan and Baobab oils help infuse and maintain natural nails for wonderfully conditioned nails.

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