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One of my favorite things about writing for Bridgette Raes’s Fab Find Column is championing small and  women-owned businesses. Don’t get us wrong, there are some very mainstream products we love. But there are just as many times I’ll be standing in the CVS and realize clearly this massive cosmetic company have too many cooks in the kitchen or there is no way this product would exist.

Kismet Cosmetics

Kismet Cosmetics (visit website here) was started in 2013 by Caitlin Picou, a licensed makeup artist in Covington, LA.  They provide customers with beauty products that consistently outperform higher-end brands while keeping affordable prices for everyone. Keeping an eye on the market, Kismet Cosmetics develops wearable, on-trend colors while maintaining a smaller offering so you are not overwhelmed by too many options.

This small company is about living up to the highest standard of business ethics and while continuously give back to the local community. They participate in charities such as LSO Foundation for Skin Cancer Awareness and all Kismet products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free and USA made.

Kismet Cosmetics Opulent Body Bronzer

Kismet Cosmetics’ first product was the wildly successful Opulent Body Bronzer Lotion. Opulent isn’t your typical self-tanner, it’s not a self-tanner at all. This body bronzer doesn’t contain that pesky ingredient known as DHA, which is the cause of the orange tone and not-so-pleasant smell. This also makes it much safer to use! Opulent is perfect for that quick tan right before your evening out. No need to apply 24 hours before or with a cloth. Think of it as the best-tinted moisturizer ever created! One color works for all skin tones, and you can apply multiple layers to darken the color.  Apply Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion to desired areas such as arms, legs and décolletage. Allow five minutes for drying before dressing. To remove simply rinse lotion off in the shower. LBD and LWD approved.

Win Kismet Cosmetics Opulent Body Bronzer

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