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Once on a subway, two men began to make fun of a New Yorker carrying a messenger bag, asking me if I‘d ever date a man “ who carried a purse.” I tried to point out in Manhattan you need to have your entire life with you, at all times. Men carry bags. It’s not a big deal.

Frankly, I envy men whose outfits have POCKETS. I am forced to shove my ATM card in my bra and carry a giant purse.  It’s not always easy. The other day I left the house bemoaning the fact I had forgotten my phone only to discover I had it with me when it rang an hour later. Yup, it fell to the bottom of my purse and I couldn’t find it.

When you are a city gal, your giant purse will turn into a black hole.  You will have angry people standing behind you in the Duane Reade as you stammer “my wallet’s in here somewhere.”

Ready to leave those days behind? The Pursfection (website here) purse organizer is exactly what you want so every item in your purse has a proper home. You’ll always know where to find things!

Pursfection has a number of wonderful items are created with the intent of  getting your stuff together.  It has plenty of deep pockets so that everything will be neat and organized. It also has a zipper closure so you never have to worry about anything falling out.  You can easily move it from purse to purse making it portable.

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