It’s that time of year again.  The holidays are here.  It’s amazing how fast it comes, isn’t it?  Summer ends, and boom, Christmas music.  I’m certainly not complaining, the holidays can be a magical time.  But, they can also be a time full of frenzy that proves shopping, decorating and celebrating can actually be quite tiring.

Knowing you likely have a lot of shopping to do, I have put together my holiday gift guide with stylish picks.  Peruse through by category.  I hope it lessens the burden of figuring what to give this season.

Holiday Gift Guide: My Stylish Holiday Gift Picks

Side note: If you don’t see the images immediately, give it a few seconds for them to load.  If that doesn’t work, try refreshing the page.  

Empowering gifts

This is probably my favorite category of gifts.  Once we get through the holiday season the new year will be upon us and it is a time that many start thinking about goals and growing.  This is also a particularly important time that we as women need to band together and support one another.  I have earmarked a few of these gifts to give to my special nieces and other women in my life.

Cozy Gifts

Maybe it’s because I live in a colder climate, or maybe it’s because I got a horrible cold over Thanksgiving, but all I can think about during the holiday season is being cozy.  Nobody will turn down a gift that is soft, comfortable and comforting, like these suggestions.

Accessorizing Gifts

Buying clothing as gifts can be tricky.  Unless you know someone’s size it’s hard to figure out.  Seriously, ask my husband what size I wear and you won’t get an answer.  It can be easier to stick with sizes XS-L if you do buy clothes.  And forget pants unless they are stretchy leggings.  An easier solution is to stick with accessories.  You can pick up something nice for the accessory lover while not mucking up sizing.

Intimates and Loungewear Gifts

When I was a kid, Christmas wasn’t over until I got new pajamas from my grandparents.  Nowadays, I don’t wear pajamas, per se, but I do love some cozy loungewear.  With winter and short days ahead, loungewear can make a great gift, as can some intimates.  Just be careful with more intimate gifts.  Only give when it is appropriate, i.e. an workplace gift is not one of those appropriate times.

Workplace Gifts

Speaking of workplace gifts.  Chances are you have a career-minded gal in your life or someone who is just starting out with a new job.  I have some selections to check out.  There might also be a gift swap at your office you have to shop for.  You don’t have to buy career-oriented items for an office party, but remember to shop for gifts that are appropriate for the workplace, aren’t too personal, wouldn’t embarrass your co-workers and stay within the set budget established.

Health and Wellness Gifts

Health and fitness gifts can be perfect for those who have an already established workout routine or who has shown interest in starting one.  These types of gifts, however, aren’t always the best idea for those who haven’t.  It can be potentially insulting and can cause hurt feelings to someone who might question the intent.  Here are some gift ideas for the right recipient.

Home Gifts

Often, it is easier and less personal to purchase gifts for someone’s home.  If you’re out of ideas of what to give, consider purchasing something stylish for the home that fits the taste of your recipient.

Tech  Gifts

I love techy things, particularly when it makes my life easier or cooler.  For the tech loving person in your life, I have selected some tech gifts that are also lovely to look at.  You may not have the budget to buy the newest gadget but there are plenty of cool tech accessories at reasonable price points.

Beauty Gifts

Another easy gift idea is to give beauty gifts.  Everyone loves nice lotions and soaps, you can create your own gift baskets and use them as stocking stuffers.  Loading up on some inexpensive beauty gifts can also be helpful when you want to return the sentiment to someone you weren’t expecting to give you a gift does.

Hostess Gifts

Do you have a few holiday parties to attend this season?  While a bottle of wine can be a fine gift to give your host or hostess, you won’t be the only one with that idea.  Here are some alternatives to consider.

Often the biggest burden of holiday gift shopping is just figuring out what to get each person in your life.  I hope this gift guide helps you navigate the stores this season.