Move over Ugly Christmas Sweaters, there is a new holiday fashion trend in town.  Family Pajamas, or #FamJams, is the new trend in holiday fashion fun, and, I have to say, in terms of good, innocuous silliness, it’s totally adorable.  Taken too seriously, or without any irony, it risks being a little too “family togetherness dorky” because, let’s face it, any family that plans coordinating outfits is the family on the block you wonder about.  As a tongue-in-cheek family photo op, I say go for it.  I’d display your Christmas card if you sent me one.

The roots of Christmas family pajamas

We can credit, or blame (depending how you see them), the Holderness Family’s uber-popular, 17 million times viewed, Xmas Jammies viral You Tube video as the spark for this trend.  And, like most trends, will now only fade out after it has been beaten into the ground.  Adding fuel to the fire, retailers have jumped on the bandwagon by packaging their pajamas in collections so families not in possession of any creativity can get in on the fun without much effort.  Take a look at the end of the post to shop for some Christmas family pajama collections…because, admit it, you know you want to.

Jumping on Instagram, I selected a few families who are doing it right.  Take a look at these photos for some inspiration.  And if you do plan on sending out some holiday greetings in Christmas family pajamas be sure to put me on your holiday card list!

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This family may look like they were carved out of cream cheese, but I do applaud their sense of humor.

Tied up in Christmas lights!  Hilarious.

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Proving that family means something different to everyone.

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Nobody looks silly in Christmas pajamas when they have an adorable baby in their hands.  This dad rocks.

Kudos to this family for actually wearing their family pajamas outside.  We all know this dad couldn’t have been on board with this.

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This shot is great.  I love that it’s not traditional but still captures family.

If it was a decision between wearing holiday pajamas or being precariously hung from the ceiling to get the photo, this dad chose the ceiling.  But, really, it’s fabulous.

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Any family that considers their pet part of the family is okay in my book.

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I love all these photos but some of them look a little too staged.  This one, however, looks just like a real family putting on their fam jams on to watch a movie and eat some popcorn.

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I’d look like this dad too if I were raising two small boys.  This photo perfectly captures the saying, the days are long but the years are short.  I’m sure they’ll all look back at this photo with fond memories…one day.

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Family pajamas don’t necessarily have to match.  I like the way this family is coordinated versus being matchy-matchy.

Shop for Christmas Family Pajamas

christmas family pajamas

I’ll get you my pretties…and your little dog too.  Collection available at Kohl’s.

christmas family pajamas

May the holidays be with you.  Collection available at Kohl’s.

christmas family pajamas

Even the dog gets a matching bed and chew toy.  Collection available at Target.

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Nothing puts you more into the holiday spirit than dressing like human candy canes.  Collection available at Target.

christmas family pajamas

A store that proudly shows diversity in what families look like gets my money.  Collection available at Target.

christmas family pajamas

I looked at this photo and all I could think of was the cowbell skit from SNL.  I guess some families believe you can never have too much elf either.  I’m just not sure I’d want to know these families.  Collection available at Target.

christmas family pajamas

You don’t need to wait for kidlets to break out the Christmas family pajamas.  You do, however, need to wrangle the dog into the outfit.  Collection available at Macy’s.

christmas family pajamas

These sets come WITH the red noses.  I’m not kidding.  Shop the collection at Macy’s.

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Okay, now it’s gone too far.  Once hoods and plush get involved a line has been crossed.  Collection available at JCPenney.

christmas family pajamas

Oh my dear Jews, you didn’t think you were getting out of this.  Did you?  Oy to the world, my friends, OY to the freaking world.  Shop collection at JCPenney.