It’s Dec 15th. We’re 3 days into Hanukkah. 10 days to Christmas. Is all your shopping complete? Are you sure?

Okay, no need to panic. Pour yourself a glass of wine and settle and do your shopping online with these last-minute gift ideas! We have featured some fantastic Fab Finds that would be perfect gifts.

Here are some more….

Last Minute Gift Ideas

And on a personal note it happens that both Bridgette and I happen to have birthdays in January.  If you are a person who gives “combination” gifts to people who have late November/December/early January birthdays, please know this; you are lower to me than whale feces to me.  And don’t wrap our gifts in Christmas paper either.

How can you give a last-minute gift without seeming cheap and thoughtless? Subscription services are a great solution to the ‘combination’ gift since it is a way to give multiple gifts  (most subscription services will let you select how many months you want to buy) and the person will think of you each time they get something in the mail.  Often you will only get charged when for items when they ship so you don’t have to pay for a subscription all at once.

If you’re on a budget, magazines are often less than $20 and many offer 2 for 1 specials this time of year so you can get a second subscription for yourself.

Fab Find featured Scentbird a while back and it is a great gift for anyone who loves perfume. You can choose from an assortment of gift subscriptions, boxes or just a straight up gift card.  Check out their gift selections here.

Have some foodies on your list?  Raw Spice Bar has gift subscriptions and spice sets at several price levels and each come with recipes you can use your new freshly ground spices and herbs in.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Cocoa Runners has an assortment of gifts including subscriptions centering around gourmet chocolate. There’s even online test to find your perfect chocolate.

One of my favorite subscription services is Try the World, which preselects a surprise assortment of treats from other countries. Gifts start at $19

If you need a quick and easy hostess gift (or just to have around the house in case of a last minute gift) buy several bars of luxury soap and some gift bags. Even if you don’t need them you won’t have to buy soap for months!

Happy shopping!