Last week was one of those rare weeks where just about everyone in the United States could agree it was freezing.  Even in Florida, the temperature hit the 30’s.  Up here in the northeast, in addition to snow, we had temperatures plummet to single digits with wind chills in the negative numbers.  I don’t even want to think about what my midwestern friends dealt with.

Being able to cozy up at home during a cold spell is one thing, but having to go to work in the cold is another.  You need to figure out how to look professional while also keeping warm.  Not an easy task.  In today’s post, I have put some cold weather work looks to give you some ideas.

Cold Weather Work Looks

Outfit #1

cold weather work looks
Business casual work environments often allow for looks like sweaters and pants.  On super cold days this can be a real benefit.  Yet, despite a more laid back dress code, it is important to keep your cold weather work looks appropriate.  A basic pair of pants, like these from Theory, worn with a nice sweater, like this one from Lafayette 148, can be the perfect and professional base.  To give the outfit a work finish, I added this scarf from Johnny Was, a handbag from Madwell, silver hoop earrings and a pair of waterproof and insulated boots from Aquatalia.

Just remember a casual weekend sweater isn’t always appropriate for the office.

Outfit #2

cold weather work looks

Dresses aren’t typically a first choice during super cold days, but for times when wearing one is preferred over pants there are some ways to keep warm.  First, a sweater dress, like this one from Banana Republic, can be just as comfy, cozy as a sweater.  Next, tights.  Uniqlo makes Heattech tights that can help keep you warm.  They even have a brown shade that would work perfectly with this outfit.  Next, the shoes you choose.  I am featuring Aquatalia boots and shoes in this post, like the cognac boots in this outfit, because their insulation and weatherproofing makes them worth the price tag.  However many brands have stepped up and offered styles that also have protection for cold and inclement weather.  Shoes like this can make a huge difference in keeping warm.  For an extra layer, I added my favorite Morandi cardigan from MM. Lafleur.  Keeping a neutral cardigan like this one at work can be the perfect universal piece to add to an outfit when you need to heat up in the office.  I finished the outfit with a pendant from Nordstrom and handbag from Sole Society.

Outfit #3

cold weather work looks

If you need to wear a suit on a super cold day there are a few ways to keep warm.  First, pant suits like this one from Reiss (link to jacket and link to pants), will be much warmer than a skirt suit, obviously.  If you don’t want to layer long johns under your suit pants, you can wear tights underneath.  Wolford’s velvet tights are super warm.  Fleece lined tights are another option.

For layering: a client of mine who is always cold recommends Uniqlo Heattech long sleeve t-shirts for under her jackets and cardigans.  They’re super inexpensive and my client has a stack of them in a variety of colors.  They even look professional worn under suits like in the outfit above.

While boots can be a perfect option to wear with a suit, I included a pair of Aquatalia weatherproof pumps to show that there are pumps out there for inclement weather.  To finish this look, I added this navy bag from Burberry and a Nakamol beaded necklace.

I hope these tips will help you keep warm at work.