I’m always surprised how often women forget their chests in their skincare routine. The skin on your chest is thin and delicate. I always include my décolleté when exfoliating or applying sunscreen.   We even featured a system SIO that was designed to combat damage to the skin on your chest.


But the bottom line is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Recently I was given a Bravity (website here),  an anti-wrinkle cup less bra designed for sleeping. If this sounds familiar you may have seen it on Shark Tank.

The Bravity looks like a Racerback bra that you put on backwards.  It separates your breasts to prevent wrinkles while sleeping. This is a big issue for women like me who have large chests and are side sleepers. I wore it one night found it be very comfortable. That said when I took it off the next day I didn’t really notice a change. I nodded off later that day while reading. I was only asleep for 20 minutes but when I woke up. I noticed a clear wrinkle between my breasts! Now I put on my Bravity every night before I go to sleep

Bravity features

  • Adjustable front straps to allow easy access to tighten and loosen accordingly
  • Ergonomic design so you barely notice you’re wearing it
  • Seamless manufacturing to minimize skin irritation
  • Constructed from 91% nylon and 9% spandex for superior comfort while sleeping
  • Wide, seamless back to provide maximum support and comfort

Some women report using the Bravity for nursing and it can provide extra support under a sports bra while working out.

Ready to try Bravity? Leave a comment saying why you want to try a Bravity and you could win!