There are two things you should know about me. One, I love Sephora. The selection is incredible, the salespeople are right there if you have a question and you can get free samples. And two, I HATE Sephora.  There’s so much stuff how do you choose? You can never just browse the salespeople are crawling down your shirt. And it’s all so expensive!

Vanity Planet

Is there a place where I can find reasonably priced beauty items? A place with a good selection, honest reviews, and innovative products? Umm YES. It’s called Vanity Planet (website here). Vanity Planet is your go-to online beauty store for the consciously-crafted, affordable, fan-favorite beauty essentials you crave. From their top-selling face and body brushes to their deliciously indulgent skincare products, Vanity Planet is your one-stop-shop for glowing skin, luscious hair, and healthy nails. And it’s all cruelty-free!

Recently I was gifted with the limited-edition purple and pink “Unicorn” Blend Baby.  And I love them!

Ordinary makeup sponges soak up liquid products, leaving you with less to go around and wasting serious dollars, while silicone pads do nothing to blend and buff. So, Vanity Planet went back to square one and created the perfect mix of both. The all-new Blend Baby is an entirely unique, dual-sided, multi-purpose sponge that can do it all. It’s does double-duty, combining the familiar blending benefits of a soft sponge with a silicone applicator pad that delivers liquid and cream products directly to the skin without wasting a single drop..

It makes blending so easy. Prior to this anytime I tried to blend I looked like a psychotic clown.  Now I look like a completely sane drag queen(I’m not very good at blending)..  I can’t wait to order a pair of “Drying hands” a pair of cloth gloves you use to dry your hair.

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