I love keys. Seriously it’s a problem. I love old fashioned keys the best but I like modern keys too.  I hate those credit cards you get at hotels. It’s far too easy to confuse them with other cards and walk out of your hotel room without it. You think you’re just running out to get some ice and then you have to walk THROUGH a casino in your pajamas to get to the front desk.

The Giving Keys

Over the holidays I stumbled upon a pop up stand in the Oculus (a mall near The Freedom Tower) featuring jewelry made from keys. I was interested. I already have few pieces of jewelry featuring keys, but the more I learned about The Giving Keys the more , I realized it was something extraordinary.  You can visit their website here.

The Giving Keys engrave each key with a word meant to inspire. You can choose from nine different words such as “Dream”, “Hope”, “Believe” or you customize your own word. Giving keys encourages you to pick a word tied to a specific goal and then when you’ve achieved that goal, to give your key necklace away to someone who could use it.

The company is about paying it forward (no relation to the dismal 2000 film of the same name) and creating opportunity. The Giving Keys focuses on hiring people so they can transition out of homelessness, providing financial counseling and other tools to make that change permanent.

You can choose from bracelets, earrings, necklaces and key rings in an assortment of styles and colors

My birthday is in a few days (January 30th) and so for this year I’ve chosen “Create” for this year. I’ve been working on a novel and memoir about my time writing for the Hollywood Reporter so I’m going to use the necklace to encourage me to finish those projects. And when I’m done I’ll give it away. What word speaks to you?

For more about Giving Keys, visit their website here.