One of my first columns for Bridgette Raes Fab Find was for Beekman 1802 when their line consisted almost entirely of their signature goat milk soap. Now, of course, Beekman 1802 carries everything from perfume to ice cream. I later wrote another piece about them for a different website. When it was published I wanted to scream. The headline read “Chemical Free Soap”

There is no such thing as “chemical -free” anything! Everything is chemicals. LITERALLY EVERYTHING.  The important part is knowing that some chemicals you put your face and body can be very harmful. Your skin is your biggest organ. What you put on it, can have a big impact on your health.

Crave Skincare

Recently, I was gifted with some samples of Crave Skincare an excellent independent line that prides itself on natural plant based products free of harmful and irritating chemicals.  Check out more by visiting their website.  Founder, Janet Schriever was looking for a way to treat her personal skin issues and the products available to her was not cutting it.  Determined to bring the mountain to Mohammed, Janet did a ton of research, took classes in Cosmetic Science at UCLA and studied with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. After much trail and error, she reached the conclusion that natural CBD derived from hemp was an effective tool in skin health. No, it will not make you high, nor will it give you positive drug test. Since some of the fragrant essential oils can sometimes cause irritation they have been removed.

Crave Skincare is committed to

EFFECTIVE GREEN BEAUTY: The Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Phyto-nutrient rich botanical extracts used in Crave products are based on scientifically proven research and formulated for performance.

CLEAN FORMULAS with NO ADDED: Fillers, Petrochemicals, Silicones, Harsh Cleansers, Parabens, Synthetic Emulsifiers, such as Pentylene Glycol, which can lead to sensitization and damage the skin barrier over time.

SOOTHING PLANT-BASED BEAUTY: By synergistically combining calming hemp with an entourage of plant-based cosmeceuticals to enhance skin’s natural, youthful beauty. Crave’s mission is to nurture your delicate, sensitive skin, while preserving a healthy skin barrier and diminishing the visible signs of aging. The extracts are carefully chosen for quality and standardized for strength.

I was gifted a bottle of Crave alchemy oil lux body serum and I am so happy with it. This has been a harsh winter in New York and my skin was so dry it was speaking with a British accent. I added a few drops to my bath and I no longer scratch myself in my sleep.

Don’t take my word for it.  Read the rave reviews on their Facebook Page and Instagram.

Still skeptical? Leave a comment saying why you want to try Crave Skincare and you could win a free bottle of body oil!