I recently started working on a novel. It’s really hard. I’ve been working on it for about two months and I’ve seen the effects the environment has productivity. I find it much easier to write in a clean room. This is not to say I’m trying to avoid working by suddenly cleaning out my closet (although I’m not going to lie, it is a factor.) But honestly, having a neat and orderly room can have a tremendous impact on your mood and output.

Which is why cleaning out your wardrobe at least once a season is so important. Not only does it prevent garments from getting ripped or misplaced, but it also avoids something called “decision fatigue.”

“Decision fatigue” is exactly what it sounds like. The same way your feet can become tired from walking, your mind can become exhausted from simply making decisions.

Bottom line: set aside some time and sort through your closet this weekend.


But what do you do with the clothes you don’t want or need? I bought some Marc Jacobs boots once I couldn’t return because they were on sale. I took them to consignment and received, I think, $12 for them. Seriously, Marc Jacobs boots. Look, I get it, there is overhead, but $12?

There’s a better way. Silkroll is a fantastic service that offers a new way to exchange clothes that let you get real value for your items.  Visit their website here.

Request a trade in kit (with paid postage!), fill it with fashion and send it in.

Silkroll is specifically looking for:

  • Women’s clothing and bags
  • Top designer fashion
  • Recent styles and trends
  • Items that are new or in excellent condition
  • Items that are clean and laundered
  • Authentic pieces

Once it’s received the items will be carefully scrutinized to make sure there are no stains, missing button etc..  If an item does not meet Silkroll’s standards it’s donated to nonprofit and you automatically get 5 points. For the remaining garments will be evaluated and the points awarded. Silkroll makes an effort to award points as close to the original price as possible.  You then can exchange those points to ‘buy’ clothing donated by other members. See something you want but don’t have enough points? You can buy extra points.

So what are you waiting for?  Check out SilkRoll here.