Mascara is tricky. It’s my second least favorite cosmetic (my first is liquid liner, NEVER AGAIN). I’ve heard so many conflicting ways on how to use mascara. Put it on first so you won’t mess up your other makeup. Put it on last so it won’t flake onto your other makeup.

My big problem with mascara is when I put it on, I can’t control it. I always get it on the skin around my eyes. Sometimes I can get it off with a wet cotton swab. Sometimes I can’t.  Not without smearing the mascara on my lashes. Drives me crazy.  As a teen, my best friend Kristie taught me to use a square of tissue paper which works okay for lower lashes. Doesn’t work at all for upper lashes.

How about I just skip eye makeup altogether?


Or maybe, a company could come up with a solution so blazingly obvious it never occurred to anyone before.

Flutterby Mascara Shields is an easy to hold shield that lets you get your mascara perfect every time. Engineered to the contours of your eyes, Flutterby fits perfectly behind your lashes to protect your skin from smudges, sprinkles, and clumps. Use Flutterby with liner, shadow, and mascara for mess-free results.  Visit their site here.

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Well, we have a little time left in the class. A few general tips on using mascara.

  1. Only use mascara for six months

Doesn’t matter if it’s that $72 dollar stuff you picked up from Sephora, bacteria starts to build up in the tube after six months that could give you an infection that could cost you your vision. Mark the tube or put an alert on your phone so you know to toss it.

  1. Don’t pump your mascara 

This doesn’t put my extra product on the wand, it gets air(and the bacteria in it) into the tube which will make it dry and clump.

  1. Curling your lashes after applying mascara.

Nope, nope, nope. If you want your lashes to look long and lush, this is the exact opposite of what you should do. After mascara dries, it makes your lashes harder and less flexible, making it more likely that they break upon being curled. Plus, the mascara can stick to your curler, leaving lashes vulnerable to being yanked out. Stick to curling your naked lashes, then swipe on your favorite mascara.

  1. Wipe off the wand.

If you put on too much mascara you end up with spider legs. Wipe it off first. Apply a coat. Let it dry. Apply a second coat.