There are certain staples every woman needs a few of in her closet even it’s an item she doesn’t like.  I hate t-shirts. They always fit me funny and just aren’t flattering to my body. But I need them to put under sweaters.  I have a handful of t-shirts. Most of them are cheap giveaways from promotional events.  They rarely last longer than a season before they fray too much for me to wear them anymore.

But I’ve found a great new place for FANTASTIC t-shirts and it’s so much bigger than the actual T-shirt!

Onno T-Shirts

Onno T-shirt company produces excellent high-quality t shirts from a company that prides itself on their responsible and ecological manufacturing practices.  Check out their site here.

Cotton is great. Really it is. But the methods used to grow and harvest it are particularly rough on the environment. Farmers use a huge amount of pesticides including some of whom were originally developed as nerve agents during World War II. Cotton also requires huge amounts of water.  Already in parts of the world, there are places bracing for desperate water shortages. Bamboo grows at a remarkable rate requiring only small amounts of water to do so, making it a very sustainable crop. Onno T-shirts are made in small family owned-production environments where people are treated well.

Onno T-shirts are available in:


Onno’s silky soft bamboo t-shirts are made for movement and designed to move with you.  It’s an amazing all-purpose shirt that is ridiculously comfortable and perfect for everyday wear.


Onno’s hemp t-shirts have a textured durable feel that will soften over time. Hemp is tough fiber that requires very little water to grow. The shirt itself is a bit warmer and a slightly heavier weight than the Bamboo shirt which makes it a perfect t-shirt for fall or winter.

Ready to experience Onno t-shirts for yourself? Leave a comment and say why you need an awesome t-shirt and you could win!