After my post about how to wear denim culottes last week I knew I’d get some pushback.  Denim culottes are a hard sell and, truthfully, they’re not my cup of tea either.  My decision to write about them came after someone requested a post about them when I asked my Facebook Page what they’d like to see my write about in my One Item, Five Fashionable Ways series.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the level of pushback I got from my Facebook Page for writing about this topic.  Jeez Louise, you would have thought I wrote a post about how to accessorize with dog poop.  Someone actually wrote me a heated email because of my decision.  I mean, really?  First of all, don’t shoot the messenger and, secondly, not everything I write about will be a favorite for everyone.  You know that eventually I will get around to something meaningful to you.

I bring this up because I am preparing myself to get lambasted for writing about jumpsuits, another fashion item where there seems to be two very divided camps– those who like them and those who wouldn’t wear them if they were naked in a crowd with a jumpsuit as the only clothing option.  So if you don’t like them and hate the fact that I am writing about how to wear jumpsuits, slow your roll, I’ll get to something for you in due time.

Anyway, now that we have that out of the way.  Let’s talk about jumpsuits, another request from a reader, and some of the ways you can wear them.  I am using this versatile style from Nordstrom to showcase some looks.  Check out the end of the post for more shopping suggestions.

Five Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Outfit #1


Few people think jumpsuits can be worn to work.  Of course, this all depends on the style and whether it is workplace appropriate.  If you do find a style that is universal enough for work, consider styling it like I did above using a jacket over it to give it a professional look.  I styled the jumpsuit with a cropped jacket from L.K. Bennett and finished the look with a pair of strappy heels from Lewit (you can select more covered shoes if these are too racy for work), a Madewell crossbody bag and long beaded necklace from Stella & Dot.

Outfit #2

What I love most about this series is showing how dramatically different one piece can be worn by just switching up how it is styled. In this look, I dressed down the jumpsuit by pairing it with a relaxed cardigan from Theory, flat silver metallic sandals from Sam Edelman, a Karine Sultan statement necklace and two colored handbag from Coach.

Outfit #3


This next more professional jumpsuit look is warmer in appearance simply by adding cognac accessories.  I love the combination of these two colors in a look.  The shoes are by Vince Camuto and the bag is from Tory Burch.  I added this tortoise pendant from Lafayette 148 to further warm up the look and layered a white blazer from BCBG over the outfit.

Outfit #4


Where I do like a jumpsuit is for after five and as cocktail dress alternatives.  Not everyone feels comfortable in dresses making a jumpsuit an ideal alternative.  Using the same jumpsuit, I dressed it up using a pair of novelty ankle strap heels from Lauren Lorraine, a chantilly lace cut out bangle, pavé hoop earrings and a metallic wool blend wrap scarf from Nordstrom.

Outfit #5


I styled this last look as a chic, casual around-town outfit by simply adding a denim jacket from J. Crew, black and tan flat sandals from Vanelli, drawstring cross body bag and arrowstack necklace from Madewell.

Shop for jumpsuits

Ready to add a jumpsuit to your wardrobe?  Check out these additional styles.