Once out shopping with a male friend, I noticed that Victoria’s Secret was having a 2 for 1 sale. I knew my size and what styles I like so I just ran in and grabbed four bras and popped out. When I happened to tell my friend how much I spent his eyes nearly bugged out. I explained, having a large chest means you MUST wear a bra. I know for me it’s extremely uncomfortable to go without them. I wear soft cloth bra to sleep in.

Bra Bridge

Still it’s difficult to find a bra that suits you. The fashion industry refuses to believe women come in different shapes. Is there a way a bra can be tweaked to deal with certain issues? Amazingly, the answer is yes. Bra Bridge enhancer is a small device that attaches to your bra cups and can improve your appearance and comfort level.  Visit their site here.

Bra Bridge provides additional support for your chest. It’s completely adjustable so you can move it up or down.  It can reduce side boob, enhance cleavage, and reduce unwanted bouncing.

  1. Attach one clip to the inner edge of one cup at the desired location and the second clip to the inner edge of the other cup;
  2. Look in the mirror: if you want more support and cleavage, release the clips and adjust each clip position upward on the cup edge. If you want less support, release and adjust the clip’s position downward along each of the cup edges.
  3. For a more discreet look with tighter fitting tops, you can secure the clips bottom side out on your bra.

You’ll want to be careful with lace bras. Bra Bridge is designed so it won’t damage most bras but very delicate lace is always vulnerable.

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