When I am searching for products to feature on Bridgette Raes I need to have my skeptic flag flying high. I was sent a book on health and wellness written by a man who believes gravity is a hoax (I’m not going to say his name, but I do not control nor do I judge what you Google.)   So you can imagine what I was thinking when told about the “extraordinary’ benefits foot baths (FYI those foot detox pads are temperature sensitive paper.  They do nothing except separate you from your money).

Does soaking your feet really help with headaches, toothaches and pelvic inflammatory disease? Umm, I’m going to need to see to see some data regarding that.  But they DO help with circulation, reducing swelling, treating athlete’s foot, and soothing tired feet? The last one is a real issue with me. Living in Manhattan, I walk constantly and during fashion week I spend so much time standing in line I feel like my feet are just to shatter into a thousand pieces.

Soakees Boots

Foot baths could help me, except filling up a tub and emptying one would require hauling around water, which is not light, and then there is the possibility of spillage. That’s not relaxing at all.

I was sent a pair of Soakees Boots to try out. Unlike foot baths Soakees Boots only require a few cups of water. All you have to do is sit comfortably anywhere you wish and pour in 2 or 3 cups of warm water (and epsom salts as desired) to fill up the boot to your ankle, and then warp the attached ribbon nylon side tie around your leg to secure and relax for 20 minutes. DO NOT try to walk in Soakees! It’s a trip the emergency room waiting to happen.  Check them out here.

When you’re done simply slip your foot out and pour out the water. Use a blow dryer or wash cloth to dry to make sure they are dry before folding away.  What a a wonderful alternative to bulky heavy foot tubs!

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