April is going to have a theme: Let’s get healthier! Like most people, I had a New Year’s Eve Resolution. To go vegan, to workout 2 hrs a day, to give up booze and sugar. And I stuck to that resolution…FOR HOURS.

Then I gave up.

But the bottom line is: I’m not getting any younger and I need to develop good techniques to stay strong and healthy. The ‘all at once’ strategy does not work. I’m determined to replace bad habits with healthful ones, in a workable practical way.

One AWFUL habit I have is soda. I drink way too much. I have for my entire life. It has terrible effects on my health. I’m starting there. Trying to switch out soda for water was horrible. My body missed the sugar and caffeine, and water is boring! There are flavored waters like Hint but they are expensive. Is there a better way to break the soda habit?

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

I’m so happy to have been gifted the most amazing Savvy Infusion Water Bottle.  The bottles contain an interior basket which you fill with cut up fruit, fresh herbs anything you like! You can refill it up to three times and it will still retain flavor.  Check the bottles out here.

Drinking infused water is so much better for you than soda, plus you’ll get your eight glasses of water a day in no time.  Many people report who have used the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle no longer have to ‘force’ themselves to drink water because they can flavor the water to their liking and actually enjoy it.

The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is also ecological as drinking that much bottled water would require transportation, plastic bottles and storage. There’s a carrying handle so it’s easy to transport to the gym, work, wherever.

Want a bottle of your own? Leave a comment and say why and you could win.

And let me know your tips and tricks for quitting sugar. What ways do you wish you were healthier? What techniques do you use to keep active?  Let’s get a dialogue started!