When I made the decision that I was going to get healthier I knew a key component of that was being more active and getting regular exercise. I looked into what sort of exercise programs I could get started with as someone who is overweight and hasn’t exercise regularly in a while.

Several people including my doctor recommended I start with walking.  Getting a solid 20 minutes of brisk walking everyday would be a great way to get started. I was told to get a couple of pairs of good shoes so I would feel comfortable walking. Another recommended I get a good orthotic. I’d heard of orthotics before. They are inserts you put in your shoes that improve your balance and reduce stress on your joints.  For every show I see during fashion week I spend at least an hour standing in line. My feet ache for days after. My knee kills me to the point where I take elevators for a single flight.

 Soul Insole Shoe Bubble

I was gifted a sample of Soul Insole shoe bubble.  The bio-mechanically designed shape of the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble effectively redistributes pressure evenly across the foot to relieve pressure from the heel and forefoot. The soft support helps to train your foot to strengthen its natural arch without causing the foot to become reliant on support.  Check out them out for yourself here.

Preventing pain doesn’t just make you more comfortable it encourages you to be more active. I might start walking 40 minutes a day if I knew I could do it pain free. The insoles are made of a medical grade gel that sticks in place but can easily be moved from shoe to shoe. Simply rinse with water and let dry to renew stickiness.

Want your own pair? Leave a comment and you could win a free pair of insoles! And let me know how you stay active?