Dan Lawson is a wonderful friend of mine.  You may not know Dan by name but I guarantee you, you know his work.  He is an Emmy Award-winning costume designer, known for shows like the The Good Wife and The Good Fight on CBS.  I met Dan a few years ago when I interviewed him.  We had instant chemistry as if we had known each other for years.  Since then we have stayed in touch.  When I get on the phone with Dan I know it’s going to be a long call because we just gab and gab.  He truly is one of the kindest, humblest, and most generous people I have ever met.

Recently, Dan told me about a clothing line out of London he started collaborating with called number 35.  In addition to the company providing some pieces for the shows he was costuming, he partnered with them to create a secondary line called  35DL.  Given my client base, Dan felt it urgent that I get to know this company.  Trusting Dan’s instincts implicitly, I couldn’t wait to be introduced.

About number 35

My first meeting with Andrea Cecile Cohen of number 35 was over Skype with Dan.  Like with Dan, I felt this incredible connection to Andrea and knew we would be fast friends.  Giving me an introduction to the line, I learned number35 creates simple, elegant clothing, designed to imbue professional women with a heightened sense of style and confidence.  Recognizing the importance of building a strong and versatile wardrobe, number35 works with each client to customize an interchangeable selection of timeless pieces. Constructed of luxurious Italian fabrics and made in London, the clothes are designed to feel comfortable, flatter the form and travel well.  You can check out the line here.

As I came to find out, number 35 is the leading fashion line for international working women.  Their return rate is one of the lowest around and once a woman becomes a customer she stays one, a devoted one.  The line is not only thoughtful because of its timeless, intelligent look, the interchangeable pieces fit together to create a wardrobe that will seamlessly go from a day at the office to an evening reception.   You can shop their line off the rack or go the made-to-measure bespoke route and often hand pick from whatever colors and fabrics your wardrobe is in need of.

number 35

number 35 bronze jacket.

The line also fits incredibly well, and I can say this from personal experience.  Andrea Cecile Cohen designs her line with a real woman’s body in mind.  I remember trying on one of number 35’s popular jackets that had front flaps over the bust line.  Convinced there was no way that a curvy girl with a large chest could look good in a jacket with cropped flaps over the chest (photo above), I tried it on just to prove to Andrea I was right.  Well, I was wrong.  Never in my life had I seen a jacket such as this fit my body in such a flattering way.  I was sold.

Yet, despite everything I learned sounding, I needed to see how my clients responded to be sure. Andrea and I decided to have a private trunk show for my NY and DC based clientele last October.  It was a smashing success and every client who attended walked with something new.

number 35 Spring/Summer Trunk Show

Given the success of the trunk show and how much I love this line, Andrea and I have decided to have another trunk show in NYC and DC this May and we’re opening this show up to everyone, not just my clients.   If you are looking for some timeless investment pieces for your wardrobe that you can wear to work and beyond, I encourage you to make an appointment.  Plus, I will be at the NYC trunk show, so you can meet me too and get some one-on-one time with me, for free!

Our NYC trunk show dates are May 6th-8th and DC’s dates are the 9th and 10th.  To book your appointment, email info@no35.co.uk

number 35

I hope to see you at the trunk show!