I’m not an outdoorsy person. I never have been. I can still recall summers as a child when the neighborhood kids would want to play in the park and all I wanted to do was go to the movies and sit in the air-conditioned dark for hours. Even now, friends and roommates asking me why I’m indoors on a summer afternoon and I’ll say “Excuse me Schitt’s Creek isn’t going to binge itself!”

But I have a goal for this Spring and Summer. I want to be more active. There are so many great activities to take advantage of in New York (and the surrounding areas) in the summer. I want to take a trip to Vermont this summer and check out New Life Hiking Spa to get tips on weight loss and check out Vermont bucolic splendor! I also want to go to the beach and have some fun in the surf.

Waxhead Sun Defense

There is one aspect of spending more time outdoors that I prepare for well in advance: sunscreen. Regular readers of this blog know the prevention of skin cancer is a cause close to our hearts. Bridgette Raes lost her father to Malignant Melanoma 20 years ago.  We will never stop bringing you options that can protect you.

I found Waxhead Sun Defense, a perfect sunscreen for active water activities even scuba diving. Scuba diving? Not only can you burn when you are under the water, due to the sun rays being amplified by passing through water you’re more likely to.  Plus, did you know that a white t-shirt, a common cover up used to block harmful UV Rays has an SPF coverage of about SPF 7 and when that t-shirt gets wet the coverage goes down to around SPF 3?   Knowing this you’ll definitely want to check out Waxhead’s site here while also reconsidering a new form of coverage while swimming at the beach.

Developed by a holistic biochemist, Waxhead sunscreens are good for people and the environment, using only certified organic and superior quality mineral ingredients without toxic chemicals. Thicker than common sunscreens, a little goes a long way and delivers the longest lasting, most comprehensive UV spectrum protection available.

Waxhead Sun Defense uses only zinc oxide (the only ingredient FDA approved for use on babies younger than 6 months) along with other certified organic and otherwise completely safe inactive ingredients. EWG, the world’s leading agnostic consumer/environmental watchdog, ranks each of Waxhead’s products as the healthiest possible sunscreen choice. And the ingredients are 100% safe for the oceans, reefs and fish!

Waxhead has generously agreed to giveaway one Tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreens to two lucky readers.  “Like” their Facebook page and leave a comment saying why you’d love to receive one of their sunscreens below in the comments. You could be a winner!