Every six weeks or so I get my lip waxed and my eyebrows threaded. It is so painful. I never fail to be struck by the irony, as tears roll down my face and my hands are clenched in fists that I am PAYING someone to do this to me.

I’m not good with pain. I’m not even good with discomfort. I know when the Apocalypse comes I’ll either wither and die five minutes after I run out of lipstick or the other survivors will murder me to avoid my incessant whining about how there’s no more air conditioning.


So, when I was sent samples of Mesolyft I was concerned. Mesolyft products are based on the European Mesotherapy technique that uses needles with serums to heal the skin from the inside. Uh needles? On my face? For home use? For someone as clumsy as me I could see the horrifying 911 call going viral.

The serum comes in a tube that has a small roller on top. When I unpacked it, my first thought was I don’t see any needles. Turns out the needles are microneedles. They are TINY. I pumped a small amount of serum started rolling. Those micro needles are not painful. There was, for me some slight discomfort, but nowhere near enough to make me stop or for me not to use it again. The theory is, using microneedles exfoliates the skin and tricks the skin into thinking it’s been injured so it will heal itself. I’ve seen many very good reviews for this and after a few weeks I noticed a change in my skin. It’s brighter and seems a tad firmer. The system is not cheap, but markedly cheaper than plastic surgery and certainly less expensive than most skin treatments you’ll get from a dermatologist or spa.  Check it out for yourself here.

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