Years ago when I lived in Seattle, a friend came to visit me. She wanted to do some shopping and get her hair cut. I loved my stylist, so I made an appointment with him for her.  Then she asked me “Did you tell him that I’m black? Does he cut black hair?” I was very confused. Did it make a difference? Are there stylists who DON’T cut black hair?

It was embarrassing to have my friend explain to me black hair is very different from my own Caucasian/Mexican hair. It occurred to me that Fab Find should feature a product suited for African American hair.

Healthy Curls Happy Girls

Well I found an entire line and it’s AMAZING. It was made with Caribbean hair in mind but these products are perfect for any head of hair.  Healthy Curls Happy Girls  is an extraordinary hair care line notable not just for how they make your hair healthier but how they do it. By leaving out terrible chemicals, meaning no mineral oils, petroleum, alcohol, silicones, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde or artificial color.  You can visit their website here.

It all began with two Trinidadian sisters. They began to really look at the hair care products they were using and realized all those corrosive chemicals weren’t good for them, giving them short term benefits, at best, but doing absolutely nothing for the long term health of their skin and hair. The side effects from those harsh compounds can be pretty bad.

The De Lisles sisters believe in using undiluted (if you knew how much of your products were watered down you’d be furious) and carefully selected ingredients that moisturize, condition and strengthen. Healthy Curls Happy Girls is ideal for natural hair and a healthy alternative for processed tresses.

And as we head into summer in New York, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Healthy Curls Happy Girls products were specifically designed for hot humid Caribbean climates they were created in. It takes potent & special mixes to stand up the heat of the tropics !

Ready to try it for yourself? Leave a comment on your biggest hair issue and you could win a sample pack!