“Your future is shaped by your dreams. Stop wasting time and go to sleep” – Unknown

I’m not a great sleeper. Never have been. One reason I’ve been trying to be more active isn’t just lose some weight but also, I’ve been told it will help me sleep.

But sleeping on an airplane? Forget it.

Once when flying cross country (to move to New York) I was EXHAUSTED from last minute packing and lack of sleep. I took a couple of Benadryl and downed a few Bloody Mary’s in the airport.  But I couldn’t sleep!

It was a day flight so the sunshine lit up the cabin like a candle. I need to block out light to rest. I tried ordinary sleep masks you buy in airport gift shops. They don’t fit me (I have a large skull insert ‘big head’ joke here) and are so flimsy they don’t really block light.  Is there an alternative?

Yes there is.

Manta Sleep Mask

Manta sleep mask is an affordable update for the cheap thin sleep masks. Manta provides 100% blackout thanks to its adjustable eyepieces.  The mask conforms to your face and the eyepieces are domed so they don’t put any pressure on your eyes. Typical eye masks can put pressure on your eyes that result in blurry vision when you wake up. Not only that, the pressure will keep you from getting that deep restful REM sleep that truly recharges you. The Manta Sleep Mask is as soft as a baby’s bottom and won’t leave marks on your face. They use cotton velour so the fabric is breathable and micro-Velcro on the straps will keep your hair getting caught! They even put anti-slip gel built into the inner backside of the straps for some extra grip against the back of your head. It won’t slip off and is even machine washable.  Visit their site here.

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