“My doctor advised me to be more active. My gym recently transitioned from squash to racquetball. And since I’m not a dope smoking hooligan, Boyle here is teaching me Yoga” Captain Holt – Brooklyn Nine Nine

I have been trying to be more active lately. Mostly it’s a lot of walking but I’m interested in trying other forms of exercise. I’ve been told Yoga is great start. So last month I began attending the free yoga in Riverside Park provided by NYC Parks (they have a series of fun free activities all summer long check them out here)

OMG Yoga is so hard. I know it looks easy but I was pouring sweat and panting 15 min in. I had to stop several times and I fell over. Twice.

At least I had the prettiest yoga mat.

Apeiron Yoga Mats

Apeiron yoga mats are the perfect blend of form, function and flair perfect for first-timers or advanced yogis alike. The mats are made from eco-friendly materials and implement slip-proof technology to keep you grounded in place during your practice (perfect for slippery tiles and hardwood floors!). Each Apeiron yoga mat has a personality of its own, with unisex designs drawing inspiration from art, music, and destinations around the world. Apeiron yoga mats are 100% biodegradable without harmful phthalates or chemicals and are machine washable to keep your mat looking brand new and fade free.  You can check them out by visiting their website.

Apeiron yoga mats are machine washable but for people who enjoy hot yoga (which I’m considering…maybe) and find themselves dripping sweat every time they work out, I recommend a new product I just found, Hygea Natural yoga mat cleaner. Gentle and safe enough for daily use, the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner contains organic aloe vera, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil. Eliminate unsightly dirt streaks and the unpleasant odor of sweat, and enjoy the calm and refreshing aroma of lavender and chamomile.