I’ve been trying to get healthier by doing Yoga. One problem I’ve run into is the free programs I’ve been doing in the park are only once a week and I’ve already missed one Thursday due to rain. I thought about paying to subscribe to an exercise channel. Then a friend told me to save my money. There are free Yoga videos on Youtube.

I’ve been using the videos on Yoga with Adrienne. She provides a lot of information and everything is free! Plus, including her super adorable dog Benji doesn’t hurt. It can get a little new agey at times but much better than free videos I watched led by a woman who calls herself Strawberry. There really should be laws that say you can’t name your children after fruit.

Well now that I found the class I needed to find myself a great pair of Yoga pants. I found a great place to find comfortable stylish exercise wear including plus sizes.


Yogiwear is made from the lightest most durable materials available. The leggings feature unique designs straight from the shores of South Beach. All products are made in America of the highest quality material and are sweat shop free.  Visit their site here.

Yogiwear was founded when designer/creator Betty Bonanno was in a car accident that required five surgeries and three years of physical therapy. She struggled to find yoga pants that didn’t irritate her scars. And when she couldn’t, she founded Yogiwear. Her yoga pants feel like a second skin and are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

Additionally, with each sale a portion of the profits are contributed to the “Now I can”” Foundation which works to provide families with disabled children with affordable physical therapy.

Ready for your own Yogiwear outfit? Save 15% when you use the code “FABFIND15” at checkout!