Once again Bridgette Raes is bringing you a sunblock as their fab find. Why? Because we love you and because skin cancer rates are on the rise. Consistent use of sunblock is one of the best way to prevent the deadly disease. We will bring you sunblock products until every single person who reads this blog finds the perfect sunblock for them.

One of the biggest problem is getting children to wear sunblock. Their skin is vulnerable but often they will cry when you apply it and of course you can’t watch them every minute. When your teens head the beach, you can make sure they have sunblock with them, but you can’t make sure they put it on.  Statistics show that skin cancer is the common cancers in young adults.  The incidence of melanoma among children, adolescents, and young adults has reached epidemic proportions, increasing more than 250% over the past 4 decades, with young females at highest risk for the deadly cancer.

Sunshine & Glitter

Now there is a sunscreen that is genuinely fun that kids and young adults might even be excited to use. Glitter Sunscreen from a company called Sunshine & Glitter! Visit their site here.

Sunshine & Glitter litter comes in several different colors including rainbow. Does the glitter effect the SPF? Nope, not according to some dermatologists. Allure magazines ask two board certified dermatologists who said there’s no reason to think it would affect the SPF. That said glitter isn’t technically approved by the FDA but is generally considered safe for skin. Of course, if you notice any irritation or reaction wash off immediately.

This super fun glitter sunscreen is nourishing and loaded with antioxidants, provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and 80 minutes of water resistance. PABA and Paraben free, nonirritant glitter and smells delicious. Fabulous skin protection as fun and amazing as you are. LOVE IT!

They even have a glitter sunscreen with bug repellent in it.

A few tips for avoiding sunburn this summer.

Make sure to put on sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to leaving the house preferably before getting dressed.

Don’t rely on cotton t shirts. Most aren’t thick enough to provide good protection and that protection is reduced dramatically if it gets wet.

Remember to put sunscreen on ears, tops of bald heads, tops of feet and back of neck.

Make sure to reapply every two hours and after swimming or sweating.

You need to apply at least a shot glass full of sunscreen to increase effectiveness.