The frustration with summer is that it’s as hot as the sun outside but freezing indoors.   Have you ever left a freezing cold building and found comfort in the extreme heat inside your car so you could actually thaw out a bit?  Why do public places insist that the thermostat be set to “hypothermia” when it is hot outside?

50 Summer Cardigans for Under $50

Who doesn’t need some cardigans in the summer time if only to stave off frost bite?  That said, I went looking around for summer cardigans for under $50 that you can pick up to wear this season.  Below you’ll find 50 styles for under $50.

What makes a cardigan a summer cardigan?

Before you get shopping you may be asking yourself what makes a cardigan a summer cardigan.  In essence, any cardigan could be a summer cardigan.  You certainly can take a cardigan that you wore all winter and wear it in the summer.  However, what you typically want to avoid are cardigans that look wintery, like fuzzy wools, heavy, chunky styles in non-summer fibers.  A chunky cotton cardigan is better for summer than a chunky wool cardigan, for example.  Fibers like rayon, modal, bamboo, cotton, viscose, even polyester can be more summery in weight and appearance.

Some wools and/or wool blends can work for summer cardigans, but, typically, these wool cardigans are much lighter in weight.  As odd as it sounds, merino wool can be excellent to wear in the summer.  Merino’s incredibly fine, lightweight fibers can absorb large quantities of moisture vapor and effectively transfer it (through evaporation) into the air. Merino also provides natural protection from UV light and UVB rays.

Take a look at all these summer cardigans below, all for under $50.
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