Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. –Mark Twain

I tell people I love to travel but that’s no entirely true. I love being in different places. The actual travel is hell. I often wish I could be put in some sort of medically inducted coma at home and just wake up in Japan. Let other people deal with my unconscious body. I can handle a few bruises.

Chatty seat mates are the worst especially when they are idiots. I had to physically restrain myself from punching a woman who insisted that Roy Schneider won an Oscar for Jaws (He didn’t).  But the worst thing I’ve seen was a woman changing her babies diaper directly on the backseat tray table. YUCK! Does she not realize, or does she not care that people EAT off those tray tables?


I now take a tablet with me, with couple of movies downloaded on it. But I don’t want to put it on the tray table not only can it get dirty I’d have to stare DOWN at it straining my neck.

I’m so happy I found the Airhook.

The Airhook is a fantastic new device that make air travel easier. It’s a simple device you hook onto your tray table (in the upright position) that holds your phone or tablet and even has a cup holder. The Airhook will support all phones and tablets up to 8.5 inches tall (original iPad horizontally) that are 1.5 pounds or less. Using the support bungee and toggle you can adjust to your preferred device.  Visit their site here.

You just open tray table, place the Airhook anchor over the top of the tray table, then close and lock. The angle can be adjusted. Make sure your beverage isn’t full to the brim when you place it in the cupholder

Remove the airhook for liftoff and landing! FAA regulations forbid using it at that those times. Ready for your own? The airhook retails for a mere $27.95  but now you can get 25% off when you enter FABFIND at checkout!