Earlier this week I visited with a friend of mine in DC. Oh, My. God. It was so hot. We’d walk for a while and then we’d have to duck into a 7/11 or a store because it was so damn hot. I bought and gulped down three bottles of water. I could have brought a water bottle but I forgot. With temperatures in high 90’s access to water is critical. In my home state of Arizona, there has been a spate of people being injured or even killed due to high temperatures.

Get in the shade or get indoors. Heat can kill.  And, of course, drink lots of water. The best way is to have water with you at all times.

Bübi Bottle

You need a water bottle, but those metal bottles, while great at keeping things cold, are heavy and hard to clean. A lot of people reuse the plastic bottles bottles water comes in, but they are also hard to clean and they can be very fragile, easily cracking or being punctured.
What can you do? You can get a Bübi Bottle.  Bübi Bottles may literally be the last water bottle you’ll ever buy. They come in three different sizes, are puncture resistant, leak proof and BPA free. They can also withstand both freezing and temperatures up to 400 degrees.  Visit their site here.

The Bübi Bottle rolls up to fit into your purse or backpack

The convenience doesn’t end there. One of the best things about Bübi Bottles is they’re collapsible and made with puncture-resistant silicone (alligator approved). This also means you can flip the bottle inside to clean it. A lot of people use a regular commercial bottles that formally held water but don’t bother to wash it. This can expose you to lots of bacteria. It’s not a good idea.
Stay hydrated and save all the plastic and fuel traditional bottles water burns. It’s a win win!