One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go swimming. Whether at the beach or at pool. It’s a great way to stay cool in these brutal New York summer days. If you’re in NYC you can check out these free, yes free, pools.

One thing I don’t love? Lugging my towel around. Traditional terry cloth towels are so bulky and take forever to dry. Since I’m not super close to a pool where I live I’m forced to drag a smelly damp towel across town and wash it immediately so it doesn’t mildew.

Dry Fox Travel Pouch Towels

But what alternatives are there? There’s Dry Fox Travel Pouch Towels!  Dry Fox makes these amazing travel towels. A travel towel is a lightweight, quick-drying, mega absorbent, super soft microfiber towel that folds up compactly into a built-in pocket for easy packing.  Visit their site here.

With it’s concealed, water-resistant, zipper compartment, you’ll safely be able to hide your phone, wallet, and keys. Plus, they are super soft.

Travel pouch towels are also the 1st self-storing travel towel! The towels easily fold into their built-in corner pocket making them ultra compact, unlike other brands that make you carry around an additional carrying bag. When folded into their pouch they can be used as a makeshift pillow.

Plus, each towel has 2 snap hang loops that allow you to hang your towel anywhere pretty much anywhere to dry. And they dry very quickly. There’s even a name tag in the pouch in case you misplace your towel!

Their 30″ x 60″ XL size makes them ideal as a blanket at a picnic, music festival, or sporting event.

And perhaps the best part the towels are really pretty! And they come in very distinctive patterns so no more searching for your towel or someone accidentally taking yours. Use Code “10DRYFOXCO” for 10% off at checkout.