I have a friend who traveled to a nearby city for a job interview. She had to get up very early so she took her makeup bag and applied it on the plane. After she arrived and headed to the interview she wanted to touch up her lipstick. She realized she left her makeup bag on the plane. It cost her a mint to replace everything.

It’s annoying to have to drag around an extra bag just so you can touch up your makeup. Not only is it heavy, you run the constant risk of things spilling or breaking. Once I reached into my purse for a pen only to find my hand covered in pink blush. That stuff does not wash off easily.

Why don’t they make travel sizes for makeup? Turns out they do!

Pocket Palette

Lynda T.C. Peralta overheard some women complaining about dragging their makeup around and saw a need. She started a kickstarter campaign and quickly found that women were clamoring for single use makeup! Fully funded she set up production and now the kits are available to everyone.  Check them out here.

Pocket Palettes are small inexpensive single-use makeup packs.  They have three key products in every pouch: Black Mascara (with wand),  dual-purpose lip/cheek color, and BB Cream, aka foundation, in 4 shades.

Each makeup item is perfectly portioned so you can carry a full face of makeup anywhere you go. It is about the size of a Post-It note and thin too. It fits easily in a pocket.  Use it once and throw away. No risk of spills or leaks. No worries about losing expensive makeup.

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