Lane: “A new mother can’t have too many baby blankets. Not with the insane amount of stuff constantly oozing out of a baby’s every orifice.”
-Gilmore Girls

I never had children but what I do know is being a mother is labor intensive…and disgusting. When my niece was about 6 months old I took her to the grocery store.  People at the register were cooing over how cute she was, then she let out a HUGE fart. It sounded like an air horn. I had no idea such a tiny body could make such a loud noise. If I thought she was done embarrassing me I was wrong. A few minutes later, the smell hits. My niece had a full on diaper blow out. I raced out breathing through my mouth all the way back to my sister’s house.

But what do parents do when they can’t run a block away to home? Once you’ve cleaned the baby up what do with dirty clothes, and, worse, what do you do about the smell?

Wash It Later

Well now parents have a choice beyond trashing their children’s clothes. You can use your Wash It Later Kit!  Visit their website here.

The idea for this product came to Hannah England one night while watching Shark Tank when she recalled a particularly trying afternoon. “It’s always right in the middle of my errands when the inevitable blowout happens. I have all the typical diaper bag contents… diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit. But then as if I’m not already in enough of a pickle, I have to decide what to do with the clothes that are soiled, stained, and smelly!  Before our soak and save bags, my options were bleak. I could wrap the nasty clothes in paper towel and put them back in my diaper bag, or throw them away. What a waste! I wanted to give us another option to get those clothes home, mess free, all the while helping prevent stain from setting in! “

But Wash It Later is not just for baby clothes. Any small item (scarves, silk shirts) that can fit in the bag can be saved when stained while you’re traveling.

Ready for your own Wash it later? Use FABFIND20  for 20% off at checkout for the entire month of October! Offer only good on bundles of 3 or more.