I’ve had a surprising amount of grey hair since I was 8. It didn’t bother me until I hit 30. Then I started dying my hair to cover it. One problem. Unless you go to a salon (which can be really expensive over time) you have to take your chances with home kit. There are some great ones! Alas environment, sunlight, chemicals in water can make it so your hair isn’t exactly the shade you want. This is especially true for people who are coloring their hair blonde.  A friend from Europe came to visit me in NYC . She made a bee-line for beauty supply stores to get some toner, so difficult to acquire in Europe (for reasons unknown).

Even if your hair looks perfect when you first color it, over time yellow or brassy tones can creep in. How can you keep them out? Some people use ‘purple’ shampoos specifically designed to keep yellow and brassy tones out of platinum blonde hair, but what if you LOVE the shampoo and conditioner you already use? How can you control how much toning the purple shampoo does to your hair?

Kiss My Brass

Now you can have complete control over how much you tone your hair while using the products you love! Kiss My Brass is an additive you add to shampoo & conditioner (either/or both) allowing you to use the products that work for you and control the exact amount of toning you want.  Visit their site here.

Kiss my Brass works by:

  • Making blonde more platinum
  • Blending highlights
  • Eliminating brass from ombré
  • Brightening grey
  • Maintaining fashion colors
  • Promoting growth and shine

Follow instructions to get as little or much toning as you want. Safe for African American, Latino and Asian hair!

Ready to try Kiss my Brass?

Use code Bridgette10 at checkout to get  10% of until the end of October.