There are so many things that can go wrong with clothes that you don’t even think about when you are buying them.  A friend once talked me into buying a pencil skirt that was a bit more body-conscious than I am used to.  I tend to make the mistake that wearing tighter clothes will reveal lumps and bumps I don’t want displayed forgetting that wearing oversized loose clothes can make you look bigger

Everyone loved me in that skirt but I rarely wear it. It has a little ruffle in the back right above my knees, yet I was constantly having to take trips to the bathroom to shove it back into place when I notice the ruffle was on the side.  I even gave a presentation once only have my boss tell me my zipper had spent the time gradually working it’s to my front. So embarrassing.


Having skirts twist around is a problem a lot of women have. Who has time to get ever skirt they own tailored? Safety pins end up ripping fabric.  Is there something else that can be used to keep the skirt in place?

Fabhesive  is a unique product designed specifically to keep skirts in place. Forget the days of bulky safety pins and two-sided tape that won’t hold. Now you finally have a practical and extremely effective solution for the wayward rotating skirt.  Visit their site here.

Fabhesive’s strong, durable yet very comfortable, the adhesive grip strips stick to the inside waistband of any skirt and holds it in place all day.  And even better? They’re reusable. If maintained properly, you can easily get two to three uses out of each strip.

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