“I don’t exercise. I believe if God wanted me to bend over he would have put diamonds on the floor” -Joan Rivers

I love diamonds. I have never been able to afford real ones, so I wear really nice fake ones. The major problem with rings is they are vulnerable to getting dirty from day to day life.  This is a problem that increases when you are traveling.

Then you have an ugly choice: wear your dirty non-sparkling jewelry to a function or event or leave it behind in the hotel where you risk the items mysterious disappearing.

Those jars of cleaning solution you get for free when you buy a ring are bulky, messy, challenging to carry, and they certainly can’t go through airport security in your carry-on bag. You can’t drag one of those counter-top ultrasonic machines around with you either.

Sometimes I receive items for consideration as a Fab Find that has me slapping my head and screaming, “You want MONEY for this?” But there are other times when I see such an obviously needed product I’m flabbergasted no one thought of this before.

Ringo Portable Ring Cleaner

Ringo portable ring cleaner is so small it can fit in your pocket! It is perfect for people who are regularly on-the-go and who want to keep their rings sparkling. Keep one at home, one in your office, one in your suitcase and one in your car. This is what it means to be portable and convenient. Perfect for frequent travelers.  Find out more here.

Simply pop your ring in the Ringo portable ring cleaner device and it’s will be sparkling in seconds!

If that wasn’t enough a portion of all proceeds benefits Rainbow Village a charity committed to helping abused women find a path out of homelessness and poverty.  Ready for your own? Use the coupon code “travel” for 20% off at checkout!