I was born in Yuma AZ. Don’t get me started on that place. During the summer it routinely gets up to 120 degrees. Several people died last summer due to the heat. I’ve seen relatives driving cars with oven mitts on because the steering wheel is so hot it burns their hands. I had a scar on my leg for years from a searing hot seat belt buckle. Yes, the sidewalks get hot enough you can fry eggs on them. Arizona dashboard cooking IS a thing. Google it.

I don’t have to tell you it’s more than hot enough to liquefy a lipstick.

Every Arizona girl (Hi Stevie Nicks!) knows the heartbreak of having your makeup be destroyed by heat.  It may be late autumn in most of the US, but how many people travel to warm areas during the holidays? It’s in the 80’s today in Yuma.  What about visiting elderly relatives who crank the heat up to 90 (and yet still have a blanket on their laps)?

Having to make a mad dash to a drugstore after accidentally leaving her makeup bag in a hot car on her wedding day, inventor Kathy was determined to come up with a solution.

Icy Bag

It’s called Icy Bag. It includes a sleeve and a gel pack you put in your freezer. All you do is freeze the gel pack and put it in the sleeve and boom!  No more melted makeup or protein bars.  The bag is fully insulated and will keep your items cold for hours. The bag is multi-functional, water resistant, and it’s perfect for travel since the gel pack back is TSA approved.   Visit their website here.

When it debuted at a South Carolina trade show it quickly sold out!

Do you need one?  Take 20% off when you use code FABFIND at checkout!