I love soap. I’m honestly not sure where that came from. Maybe in a previous life I was a peasant in 18th century France (where people DID bathe but lack of plumbing made it a difficult and costly affair, so bathing was fairly rare), or maybe it was growing up in Arizona. So much dust and sweat. I was always so uncomfortable.

Ava Quinn

I love perfume aroma but I truly love is soap.  I LOVE SOAP. Finding a new place to buy fantastic soap is one of favorite things! Ava Quinn produces products that are plant based, free of harsh chemicals, using all natural ingredients made in small batches right here in New York!  Visit their site here.

One you have to try is her legendary Avocado Bar Shampoo. This handmade shampoo is great but be prepared for an adjustment period as your hair and scalp kick the mass produced shampoo habit. If you’ve been using commercial detergent shampoo it make be about two weeks for your hair to adjust. Not only will the avocado remove buildup it will leave your hair soft and moisturized. Some users have reported a dramatic reduction in tangles! And it’s perfect for travel.

But I think my favorite item is the Felted Monster Soap Buddies. Made by hand, each one is completely unique. The felt will preserve the soap for up to 3 months without any mold. The wool covering acts as an exfoliator giving you super soft skin.

I always buy at least 5 bars of good quality soap and pop them into gift bags. When you are faced with that unexpected gift you’ll have a perfect gift ready. And if you don’t, well you have wonderful smelling soap to scent your underwear drawer for months!

Why are you still here? Head to the website and get shopping. Use “CAM20” at checkout for 20% off your order.