I’m not really a sports game person. I lucked into a ticket when the Seattle Sonics (I lived in Seattle at the time) made the playoffs against the Chicago Bears. I was so bored. They ran from one end of the court to the other with their shoes squeaking. I thought, “is that it?” It is, it really is. I was surprised to learn via my friend, legendary Ballhawk King Zack Hample, many stadiums and arenas don’t allow backpacks anymore due to security concerns. 

Sadly that is the world we live in today at least in America where we think it’s more important to ban backpacks than bumpstocks. 

But that creates a real problem. Many times when you go to a game or concert you have to travel from a nearby city and often the event takes up most of the day. You are going to need more than your pockets for keys, wallets etc. 

Game Day Tote

What do you do? You get a Game Day Tote!  Made from clear plastic in an easy to carry bag means you can sail through security and have plenty of room to carry essentials while keeping your hands free. The clear plastic will make it easy to see what you have with you. Visit their site here.

Hate getting your phone out of your bag or your pocket every ten minutes to check on missing friends or family or find out who won the world series in 1993 (It was Canada’s Toronto Bluejays, by the way)? You can even use your touchscreen through the plastic. 

Game Day Tote also great for travel, as you will sail you through airport security as well. Plus, the fact that the items in your bag will be easily visible, it can help you keep track of items and encourage you to keep your bag neat and clean. 

There are a lot of ways a Game Day Tote can be helpful. It would be great for being at the beach, pool or on a boat, perfect for school lunches or any lunch period (plastic prevents leaking), there’s no limit!

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