Today is Friday Jan 26th, 2018 and in four days I will be turning XXXXX years old. (go ahead ask me how old I am I WILL CUT YOU).  But yes I’m getting older. And as you get older you have to think about how what you do in your day to day life effects your health. 

Cris’s Blends

Your skin is literally your biggest organ and things you put in your skin can have a direct impact on your health. Cris’s Blend was founded as a healthy alternative to mainstream skincare and to encourage awareness the ingredients of most bath and beauty products.  Visit their website here.

Cris’s Blends are natural skin care crafted with 100% organic high quality botanicals. Herbs are packed with vitamins and minerals that further nourish skin when applied topically. They don’t use synthetic ingredients, fragrances, toxic preservatives or GMO’s in any of their products.  But please don’t say their products are chemical-free. There is no such thing as chemical-free. 

I was gifted a tube of Eco Push-up Tube Deodorant.  Made with organic oils like coconut, botanical powders – arrowroot, and minerals like magnesium, this deodorant is gentle and soothing to the skin, while very efficient against odor. I was surprised how effective it was. I did experience some wetness from time to time and I’m not sure how much I’d trust a natural deodorant during NYC sweltering humidity soaked summer days

I’m really excited to try the facial serums made with all organic oils. My face gets so dry during NY winter I swear it develops a British accent. Ready to try Cris’s Blends?  Sign up for their mailing list and get 20% off your first order! Still not enough? Leave a comment and say why you want to try Cris’s Blend and you could win a free Eco Push Up Tube in Ylang Ylang and Geranium.