“A woman’s perfume says as much about her as her handwriting”

-Christian Dior

I love perfume. I genuinely feel naked when I’m not wearing perfume. I learned from my grandmother that high-end perfume is the worth the money. Sadly, I learned it because she only wore cheap drugstore perfumes. Weirdly, it’s getting hard to find good reasonably priced perfumes that aren’t super sweet. My nieces love perfume and I often pick up sets for them at Century 21. They love sweet perfumes. Their favorites are from Paris Hilton’s fragrance line. I swear, it’s like someone figured out how to aerosolize a bag of Skittles. One fragrance even listed “Cotton Candy” as one of their top notes! If you’ve never worked at a county fair as a teenager cotton candy is literally ordinary table sugar that has been spun. 

I’m always on the lookout for new sources for perfume.  Perfumes can have some nasty ingredients, and as I’m getting older I am really concerned about what I put on my skin (your skin is your largest organ) and how it’s processed. I am so happy I’ve discovered A.N. Other Perfume.

A.N Other Perfume

Clean, sustainabl sourced ingredients, free of toxins, animal products, dyes, preservatives and harmful components. A.N Ohter Perfume contains simple pure fragrances stripped of designer names, mood, gender, vanity and inflated price tags.

By stripping away advertising, retailer overheads A.N. Other can offer spectacular perfume at a reasonable price. With each perfume starting at $25, they have four scents; Oriental by David Apel, Floral by Nathalie Benareau, Fresh by Carlos Vinals, and Woody by Patricia Bilodeau. You can order a sampler set of each 4 fragrances coming in 1.5 ml vials for $15 which can be applied to any perfume you order for A.N. Other within 30 days.

Ready for a new scent? Visit their site here.